Putra eliminates Brett Simpson in the 2013 Oakley Pro Bali


Putra Hermawan

Putra Hermawan, born October 19 1992 in Denpasar, bali, has been charging through his career ever since he was 8 years old.

Growing up at Lembongan Island, on the East Coast of Bali, and surfing the perfect Lembongan waves on an everyday basis, Putra has had the opportunity to develop an incredible style in surfing.


Putra Hermawan


October 19, 1992

Denpasar, Bali

Favorite Spots
Halfway Kuta Beach

Rip Curl, Rash, Future People, Emery Surfboards, Dragon Eyewear




Winning various events and always with the great attitude of a professional.

Putra 'Pulu' Hermawan the Lembongan Natural footer currently lives in Kuta, Bali, with Garut Widiarta. He is ranked in the Top 10 junior surfers in Asia and hopefully will be pushing further up the ranks in the future.

Following the Super Grom Oney Anwar, Putra is a progressive surfer with great style and always ready to take the sport to the next level