Famo skate session

Kristen Famularo

IS THAT A HAT OR A WIG? This is the usual question Kristen gets asked. He will walk into a shopping centre and people will start staring at him and whispering. Now and then he will get the odd admirer come up to him and ask if he is famous. Or he will be walking down the street in a random town and all of a sudden someone will shout FAMO!

This guy has just turned pro and has quite a huge following already, mostly female though.

Kristen Famularo


Sunshine Coast, Australia




Kristen will mess with you all day. He has this sense of humor that just sucks you in and the jokes and stupidity just keep flowing. Besides all the mide games and humor he does find time to skate. Having travelled with his familly playing drums for most his life, Kristen picked up a skateboard at age of 10 which consumed every waking hour since.