RAN is a music group from Indonesia who lives in Jakarta. This band was formed in 2006. Its members consist of 3 people: Rayi, Asta, and Nino. Their first album is "For Your Life" was released in 2008. 


Starting from a friendship in a community of skateboards in Bandung in the year 1997. Originally formation Rosemary is: Soffi Gahara - Vocal, Arie ardiansyah - Guitars, Indra Gatot - Bass, Priest - Drums.  


Ras Mohammed, who was born in Jakarta followed his family to New York City and lived there from 1993 until July 2005. His journey as a musician, singer and song writer as a solo-ist Reggae started since he was a teenager, when he was living in Queens, in the city of the world. Ras Mohammed never formed a rock band at the time in the SLA, then formed a duo group Rap / Hip Hop Duo called "Ronin" in her first year at the College.

MIKHA ANGELO and The Overtunes

Though officially started in around 2010, Mada, Reuben, and Mikha have lived together all their lifetime. Four of them were born in one same big family. Mada, Reuben, and Mikha are are siblings. TheOvertunes is the product of the brother's musical vision and work throughout their childhood playing music. All of the band members are also songwriters, many of TheOvertunes original songs were co-written together. Right now, acoustic and soul is the band's favorite genre to deliver their music and messages.