About the wave at the Bells Beach

Bells Beach is an A-grade surf break & one of the world's most famous beaches. It is a high performance right-hand reef break that features two unique reef sections: 'Rincon' & 'The Bowl'.



Rincon sees most of its action when the surf is in the 2-4ft range. Look out for the Virgin Blue expression sessions when conditions are small, because the pros will be taking flight and chasing cash prizes.

The Bowl

The Bowl feeds on big Southern Ocean swells and will hold waves up to the 15ft range (which it delivered at the unforgettable 1981 event). Long drawn-out carves and steep turns are the way to tame the Bowl's powerful walls.

The Marine Reserve

Point Addis Marine National Park, which includes the world famous Bells Beach, is renowned for its environmental values, but recreation also plays a key role in its management. Parks Victoria supports the Rip Curl Pro and congratulates all management efforts.

"The area is never short of visitors, but never more so than when the Rip Curl Pro rolls into town and focuses on Bells Beach," states Parks Victoria. "But Bells isn’t just special for its surfing. That awesome Southern Ocean swell doesn’t just provide waves for surfers - it provides valuable oxygen and nutrients for a whole swag of unique plants and animals below - 90% of which are found nowhere in the world but Australia’s southern coastline."